How Do You Use the EPD and E-EPD?

    posted by PHS Medical on Tuesday, April 09 2019

    Although the EPD (Epidural Positioning Device) and E-EPD (Electric Epidural Positioning Device) are easy to use, it is important to know how to use them properly so you can correctly position patients for epidurals, spinal blocks and Thoracentesis procedures. We have created Quick Start Guides to help you learn how to use the EPD and E-EPD in the most efficient and effective way.


    EPD (Epidural Positioning Device)

    EPD by hospital bed


    Download EPD  Quick Start Guide

    Download EPD Package Data Sheet

    E-EPD (Electric Epidural Positioning Device)

    E-EPD in hospital


    Download E-EPD  Quick Start Guide

    Download E-EPD Data Sheet


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